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Soft, Comfy Blankets
Watching The Office
Cupcakes and Iced Coffee 

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I use film and a non-intrusive approach to create authentic, thoughtful images that captivate and tell your unique story. My favorite days are spent styling and capturing beautiful photoshoots, catching up with friends over iced coffee, and strolling through gardens alongside my husband and daughter. 

I am a brand and lifestyle photographer, who helps style and capture imagery for creatives! 

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By capturing simple moments, I find the most compelling images are those that tell stories and I want to help tell yours. 

Be more than a business, be a Brand.

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Brand photography goes beyond images of your products or head shots, they are images that help tell your brand's story and create personal connection.

Be more than a business, be a Brand.

What is brand photography?

You should consider a brand photography session if:
- You own a business, large or small, and need images of your goods or services.
- Are the face of personal brand and want people to connect with you.
-Want to take your business to the next level by telling your story and sharing your process.

From Small Businesses to Influencers

Who is Brand photography for?

How to Plan a Branding Photo Shoot (PLUS A Planning Workbook Freebie!)


Auburn University Brand Shoot


The Ten Images every Website Needs (PLUS A Free Checklist)


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Branding Collections begin at $200
Family Sessions begin at $150

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